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Lexi handing toddler to Adam on the boat from the dock





How many pieces of fish per 10-lb box?

Each portion of fish is approximately 8 oz, give or take an ounce or two. Each box will have at least 10 lbs of fish total, which is usually about 20 vacuum sealed portions.

Are there bones in the fish?

Yes. The single row of pin bones is left in for a more pristine product that allows the full umami flavor of the fish to come through. The portions are skin on. The exception to this is that black cod tips are boneless & skinless.

What's the deal with frozen-at-sea?

Frozen-at-sea means that we process & blast freeze the fish aboard our boat immediately after catching it. We catch each fish using hook & line methods (trolling for salmon; longlining for halibut and sablefish/black cod).  Each fish is  carefully cleaned by hand. Within an hour of being caught & cleaned, the fish are dropped down into our blast freezer hold. This immediate deep freeze preserves the ocean fresh flavor and firm texture of the fish we catch. Blast frozen salmon is sashimi grade. Your fish portions will be freezer stable for 1-2 years.


When & where do I pick up my fish? When does my fish get delivered?

We offer local pick up in the following communities: Bellingham, WA, Seattle, WA, Portland, OR, Bend, OR and Half Moon Bay, CA. For other locations, UPS delivery is an option; details below.

Do you offer delivery to other locations (that are not listed above)?

Yes, we offer UPS Next Day Air shipping anywhere in the mainland US. Please note that additional shipping fees do apply, and they will be added to your cart when you check out. Choose "UPS Next Day Air" from the drop down menu and enter your zip code to see the shipping cost. Please note that if you order 30+ pounds of fish from us, the shipping calculator may be inaccurate and we will email you directly with accurate information.   After placing your order on our website, we will email you to confirm the date you can expect the fish box to land on your doorstep.

When is your next fish sale?

Our next fish sale will be October 2022.

Who should I contact with more questions?

We are happy to help! Get ahold of Lexi at (907) 738-5684 or

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