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Lexi handing toddler to Adam on the boat from the dock



What's the deal with frozen-at-sea?

Frozen-at-sea means that we process & blast freeze the fish aboard our boat immediately after catching it. We catch each fish using a hook & line method called trolling, then we pressure bleed & carefully clean each fish. Within an hour of being caught & cleaned, the fish are dropped down into our blast freezer hold. This immediate deep freeze preserves the ocean fresh flavor and firm texture of the salmon. Blast frozen salmon is sashimi grade. Your salmon portions will be freezer stable for 1-2 years.


When & where do I pick up my fish? When does my fish get delivered?

We offer fish box pick up (no shipping charge) at the following locations: Bellingham WA, Seattle WA, Portland OR, Bend OR, Clackamas OR, Hood River OR and Half Moon Bay CA. Home delivery is an option in both Portland and Bend, OR. Times & locations for pick up/ delivery are confirmed with customers at time of fish purchase.

Do you offer delivery to other locations (that are not listed above)?

Yes, we offer overnight FedEx shipping anywhere in the US. Additional shipping charges do apply. Contact us for rates at

When is your next fish sale?

Our next fish sale will open mid-October 2022.

How can I find out when you open your next sale?

The best way to stay current with Fish & Family is to sign up for our newsletter using the form above!

Who should I contact with more questions?

We are happy to help! Get ahold of Lexi at (907) 738-5684 or

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