Meet the Skipper | Adam



Living and working on the ocean has brought joy to Adam's life since he began salmon trolling with his neighbor at age 13. His intrigue for an ocean-bound lifestyle began as a young boy growing up on a small island outside of Sitka, Alaska. Exploring the tidepools of his front yard developed into a degree in Marine Ecology; academia then drove him back to playing with boats and fish in a circular pursuit of happiness. In 2010, after troll and longline deckhanding for 12 years, Adam purchased his first ice troller, F/V Illahee. In 2014, he swiftly reached the goal of upgrading to a freezer troller, F/V Myriad, an operation that enables him to catch and process the best quality salmon on the market. Above all, Adam is incredibly grateful to work in nature with his family. His ever-present work ethic, reliability and cheerful attitude make him highly appreciated by his crew and family. 

Meet the crew | Lexi


Fish Hackett

Lexi also grew up in Sitka. As a kid, she spent plenty of time on her parents' longline boat, F/V Kariel. She was blessed with a cast-iron stomach and has fond memories of whipping up PB&J's for seasick crew on stormy days. Her dad took her on her first longline trip as a deckhand at age 15, and ever since she has loved the excitement and hard work that accompanies finding fish. She has fished seasonally for the past 15 years or so. In 2016 she completed a Master of Science in Nutrition at Bastyr University. She is proud to be a founding member of the Local Fish to Sitka Schools program, which has offered locally-caught fish in school cafeterias since 2010.  

Meet the Crew | Bob
Boat kids



Also a Sitka local, Bob and Adam reunited in college as roommates and began a working relationship when Adam started fishing the F/V Illahee. Bob has been Adam's fishing partner since day one. His steady smile, hard work and timely suggestions help keep the operation running smoothly. Though he has experience in gillnetting, longlining, seining, trolling, jigging, and crabbing, he truly believes in the sustainable nature, unbeatable quality, and old world culture of Southeast Alaska trolling. He is a whiz at running gear and turning each fish into a beautiful product. Whether he likes it or not, at this point he is part of the family!

Isla June


Isla is the mascot of F/V Myriad, bringing smiles to the crew on the crummiest of days.  Daughter of Lexi and Adam, she is the sweetest and most recent addition to our crew and business. She took her first fishing trip at the wee age of 5 weeks old.

Our philosophy

We consider ourselves not only fishermen but community members and stewards of the land to a place near and dear to our hearts. Working with the future in mind is inherent in who we are and how we run our business. Catching fish hook-and-line significantly reduces bycatch and allows us to release nontarget species alive.


When you eat our fish, you can be certain that it was caught by people who care about fish habitat, their interconnected ecosystems, and responsible resource management that supports a future of abundant oceans. We believe in the triple bottom line and work to stay involved in our community, socially and environmentally. 

Local groups we are involved with and members of include: United Fishermen of AlaskaAlaska Trollers Association, Alaska Longline Fishermen's Association, Sitka Conservation Society

The Salmon Project